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Squishy Fast-Food Toy

Squishy Fast-Food Toy

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Irresistible Squish Fun: Dive into the world of squishy delights with our 3.75" Squish Fast Food, sold by the dozen. Assorted Food Themes: Indulge in a variety of food-themed squish toys, making it nearly impossible to choose just one. Individual Packaging: Each squishy delight is wrapped in a poly bag, ensuring cleanliness and convenience. Dozen 

Ages 3+: Safe and enjoyable for ages 3 and above, making it a delightful addition to playtime and stress relief. Versatile Entertainment: Whether it's for stress relief or play, these squishy fast foods bring joy to users of all ages. Collect Them All: Create a collection of these irresistible squish toys, each one bringing its own unique tactile experience.

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