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Unicorn Ducky Toy

Unicorn Ducky Toy

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Unicorn Rubber Easter Duck Toy- 2''

Introducing our enchanting Unicorn Rubber Duckies. 

Witness the magic as these 2-inch rubber duckies gracefully merge with the whimsy of unicorns.

Key Features: Mythical Fusion: Experience the magic as rubber duckies meet unicorns in a unique and adorable design.

Vibrant Colors: A variety of captivating colors to choose from, making bath time or events more exciting.

Whimsical Mane and Horn: Each duck features a long, flowing white mane and a majestic single horn.

Versatile Decor: Ideal for bath time fun, themed parties, or whimsical decor accents.

Dive into the realm of magic with our Unicorn Rubber Duckies - where rubber duckies and unicorns unite to bring joy and enchantment to every splash!

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